If You Have A Fire Don’t Get Burned By: Peter L. Obremskey and Michael L. Schultz

XI. The Insured Always Loses.

The sad part about a catastrophe such as a fire is that it leaves the insured always in a worse position than they were before the fire. In addition to the obvious emotional toll, the time needed to devote to the developing of a claim is substantial and impossible to replace. Additional living expense, usually a maximum of $5,000.00, would provide some immediate cash to replace clothing and living essentials necessary within a few days of the fire. Then comes the issue of where does the insured live? Initially there would be accommodations provided by the insurance company in a hotel that may or may not be adequate for the insured’s needs. Longer term requirements include the renting of a house or other facilities, as well as furniture and household goods necessary to maintain a living during the pendency of the claim. Depending upon the policy, additional living expenses can be for a “reasonable period of time” or a specific limitation of one year or more depending upon the terms of the contract.

Unfortunately, even though the building is no longer livable or serviceable as a business, the ongoing expenses associated with it do not stop. The insured must continue to make the mortgage payments, utility payments, taxes, and insurance on the now destroyed building. This creates a terrible financial burden, particularly in the event of a dwelling fire loss where the insured has to rely on the additional living expense coverage to pay for a house rental or motel payments. Accommodations are particularly difficult if the insured has a family whose small children have been uprooted from their home and their stability and security undercut by the tragedy of the fire; to say nothing of the loss of their prized possessions.

It takes a strong family to deal with the tragedy of a fire and, unfortunately, many families do not survive it.

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